The Brief
"Redesign an existing book from the Art and Photography section of the UH College Lane Library."
The Solution
The book I chose from our University library is called "The Technique of Seascape Painting" and was written by Borlase Smart, and published in 1934. As we have now entered into the 21st century, the design is quite outdated and so as soon as I saw it, I knew it needed some updating. For the design of this book, I used inspiration from 1930's typography, true to the time of when the book was published, whilst also keeping a minimalist and modern look. The original book sometimes felt as though lots of information was crammed onto the pages, often leading to Smart's beautiful artworks to be drowned out by text. I wanted to make sure that in my design, the paintings had space to breathe and to ensure that the reader was not overloaded with too much information on one page.
The Original Book
My Design
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