Hi, I'm Niamh!

A bit about me? I absolutely love design and spend a lot of time trying to improve. I draw for fun and as a stress-relief, so I'm often drawing characters from games that I play, or shows that I watch! Speaking of games... I love them! Growing up on a Nintendo DS was a God-send to me, since it introduced me to a vast variety of beautiful imaginary worlds. From the relaxing setting of Pokémon and Animal Crossing, to the fast-paced chaos of first-person shooters, I spend a lot of my free time gaming with some of my closest friends. My latest obsession is the Final Fantasy franchise, the lore is so in-depth! I love to travel and have been fortunate enough to travel to some pretty cool places such as Japan, Hawaii and Canada. I've always had a love for photography and travelling inspired me to invest in a film camera, which is practically my baby now. You can check out some of my photography work here!​​​​​​​


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